Apartment rental Elysee, furnished stuios and a...

Apartment rental Elysee, furnished stuios and apartments

STUDIO RENTAL champs Elysées and APARTMENT RENTAL champs Elysées

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The Elysees  palace has two entrances: the main entrance is located on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, the other is in the park by the gate of the Rooster. The grand entrance leads to the courtyard, and onto the palace (and the hall of honour. It is composed of a main building (the former "Hotel of Evreux") three levels (counting the attic) flanked by two wings (East and West).
The main building  is still called the Hotel d'Evreux.
The ground floor of the main building is a purely formal, impressive lounges are used for receptions and meetings with foreign guests or for meetings of the Council of Ministers.
The entrance hall, paved with white marble from Carrara and Belgian royal red, is decorated with Doric pilasters. In 1984 President François Mitterrand installed a sculpture by Arman, named to honor the French Revolution it consists of 200 flags of white marble  with a shaft of gilded bronze; President Nicolas Sarkozy has since installed, a candelabra of the royal Montcenis. a chandelier of gilt bronze with 30 lights. It is situated the the hall, overlooking the courtyard where the  president welcomes distinguished guests and foreign heads of state.

The staircase of the palace was built  by Joachim Murat in 1806 as no ceremonial staircase existed at the time. It leads from the vestibule of honor and leads to the antechamber of the office of President of the Republic.


The ramps are decorated with gilded wooden palms - symbols of victory- and on the landing stands a statue by Rodin: La Defense. Since 1811, on the walls of the staircase, hangs a canvas of Europe by Francis Dubois.

The Cleopatra lounge is the former bathroom of Madame de Pompadour and the Duchess of Bourbon. Later this became Napoleon III office. Located at the northeast corner of the main building, it nowserves as a main passage between the various staterooms of the palace. Its decoration, dating mostly from the time it served as the "green room" of Nicolas Beaujon, was completely renovated in 1992.

The portrait room is located at the southeast corner of the main building, this was used by the Council of Ministers under the Second and Third Republics, before becoming between a formal dining room (not more than eight people)  between 1947 to 2007 and finally, under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, a private office for the Head of State.

The ambassador room has a military inspiration,  designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart for the Comte d'Evreux. It includes several remarkable pieces including  a clock in bronze and gold  showing the mythological theme of the fall of Phaeton, surprisingly, it indicates the months, moon phases and positions of the zodiac signs from its face of 24 digits, there is also a bronze equestrian statue of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The furniture in the room consists mostly of seats trimmed with blue and cream with patterns for the four parts of the world, referring to the diplomatic function of the room. The carpet, also woven by the Manufacture de la Savonnerie, was installed, in 1994 under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The salon des aides de camp is used for lunches and dinners of average size (not more than 23 guests), it features a rug that was saved for the Palais des Tuileries ...
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